Quality Tools?

There are many tools, recommendations and processes on the market.  Many of these are based on the traditional concept of mechanistic management.  Models and standards continue to push the idea […]

Do you satisfy your customers and users’ needs?

Shouldn’t you deliver quality on time and in budget? Are you frustrated by people who cannot deliver according to their commitments and promises? Are others frustrated by your own issues […]

Do you have “Plan Continuation Bias”?

Video Presentation Symptoms You have probably been in the situation, maybe it was you or perhaps it was your boss or a relative. Something happens, something unexpected or at least […]

Feedback: corrective or criticism?

Feedback is there to help you and not to hurt you.  And yet, many people seem offended when points out problems. Feedback as criticism I recently asked a question on […]

Design a Culture for Innovation

Online, interactive workshop There is no future without innovation.  If you believe that your business will remain the way it is/was in the best of times, you are ready to […]

Designing a Culture for the Future

An interactive workshop to help you identify and correct problems related to quality, culture, creativity and innovation. Without innovation, your business is doomed to become outdated; however, you don’t want […]

Webinars and other events

My latest newsletter can be found at https://mailchi.mp/901abb3eef18/newsletter-202009 My newsletter for September 2020, announcing all the upcoming talks and webinars in which I will be participating: “Why Agile didn’t solve […]

ISO9001 in the 2020s

Is it worth the effort?  Is it still relevant?  What does it mean?  Do you need the audit? 3 presentations and a discussion, with very different people.

Does diversity strengthen or weaken the culture?

No, I am not going to write about isolationist or nationalist governments and other political movements, I am speaking here to industries, businesses and other organisations. My business is to […]